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How to “Combine images using CSS sprites”

Combine images using CSS sprites

This is what a sprite sheet looks like:


To view the correctly sized Sprite sheet click the image file.

To view the Sprite sheet in action, go to this page.

You can create a sprite sheet and get the correct dimensions for your CSS at Sprite Cow. You can combine all smaller images you regularly use on your blog, both inside the template, and exterior (on widgets or other gadgets) into one compact image file, and then get the dimensions and create the CSS to add into your template.

This is how the code will look in the <head></head> section of your template:

For images used INSIDE the template, in the <body></body> of the blogger template, locate the sources of images and edit the code in this manner:


This is the portion of the blogger template that places a “Pencil Icon” on the blog.


Many of the items on the sprite collection are not used inside the template, but are used on widgets and exterior of the blog, which are written like this on blogger:

For items without hyperlinks try it like this

The resulting score on GTMetrix:

Combine images using CSS sprites  
A (100)
 Images  High
What's this mean?
You scored 100% on this recommendation - nothing to do here!