All about coding methods to obtain the highest possible score on Blogger with GTMetrix (Pagespeed and YSlow).


The primary blog of interest for this experiment and optimization is (located here).

UPDATED 5/10/17 On the evening of 5/9/2017 while testing posts yet another set of errors began manifesting clearly due to a blogger technician configuring the system to override the customized template code I had created which removed 100% of Blogger's CSS. This new and unwanted forceful insertion of blogger's external (and unnecessary CSS) has also misconfigured our blog's layout at top and bottom. Specifically, these two NEW inserted files are the culprit:

I'm sure that a technician is getting a chuckle out of this.

1) <link type='text/css' rel=stylesheet href=''/>

2) <link href='' rel=stylesheet />

After many months of customizing our blog, which required thousands of hours of study and work to achieve 100% Pagespeed and 99% YSlow, only to have this high score sabotaged I no longer feel blogger is the right place for our blog since I value speed, quality and visitor experience. We will still use blogger for composition of posts, but transfer them to a private server. I have also disposed of any and all high bandwidth draining tracking devices.

On last count, two external CSS files are being injected into the blogger template, reducing Pagespeed scores from 100% to 99%... YSlow has declined to 96%, in spite of customized code which had removed those external css generated errors. Both injected css files are absolutely unnecessary. 100% Pagespeed/99% YSlow is what our blog was getting prior to this... unnecessary configuration.

No 👣 tracking social sharing

Blogger and GTMetrix: The Best Score Possible for Blogspot and Blogger?

Answer: The best possible score on Blogger is 98%-99% on YSlow unless the blog author uses a CDN which does not include cookies with visits which might be possible to reach 100% on Pagespeed and 100% on Yslow. (a "cookie-free" CDN" costs money and cloudflare is free. So for the time being, we are using Cloudflare.)

Update 02/03/2017

We finally brought our blog(s) up to Pagespeed 100%/ Yslow 100% by obtaining and implementing a cookie-free CDN. We are still using Cloudflare but created a separate sub-domain to serve cookie-free image files from through an alternative CDN.

Update 01/25/2017

Most recently the score is now up to 99% Yslow/100% PageSpeed on GTMetrix. Only remaining error is the need for a “Cookieless CDN” which currently I can not do much about beyond getting an install of a CDN on Godaddy, such as that provided by SiteLock. Otherwise the average score on my other blog is 100% on Google PageSpeed and 99% on YSlow, with an average speed for Chrome between 0.2 and 0.6 second and on Firefox, 0.5 second page load time.

I performed some additional tweaks. The tiny transparent *.png files used on the blog, I changed into data-uri and inserted them into the template which improved the score regarding the"cookieless domain" error. Then I culled down blogger's CSS and inserted it directly into the template. By removing those two external files it improved the cookieless domain by at least 10 points, and boosted the score up to 99% on YSlow.

Past (Outdated) Ramblings...

Currently, I have the following score from GTMetrix on this blog:

GTMetrix and Blogger

The following recommendations from Pagespeed:

Pagespeed Recommendation

The following recommendations from YSlow:

Yslow Recommendation

The GTMetrix Score with the “AddToAny” social media gadget removed from my blog's template:

This is the resulting Score for Pagespeed

No Script Included and Highest possible Score

And the resulting Score for YSlow:

YSlow, Blogger and No Scripts

However, the remaining errors are not unlike a catch 22.

#1 Use cookie-free domains.

If you use a "cookieless domain" GTMetrix will recommend using a CDN to speed up your web site. (I chose cloudflare) and the CDN will create cookies. The question was asked on Cloudflare and cookieless domains. One added benefit of using a CDN such as Cloudflare is that SSL (https) is automatic. For those who use personal web hosting to complement their blog it is hassle free to create https:// links for images and other files, where there's no conflict with Blogger's https policy. It is convenient to embed iframes, images, and any other files that must utilize secure protocol.

#2 Minify HTML.

Short of coding in strict HTML5 on a personal server, there's not really a possibility of "Minimizing" the HTML of a web page that is generated on blogger partially in xml and php. If somebody knows a way to do that, please let me know!

To bring the score up to 98%

Defer the Social Media Widget. Instructions and javascript located here.

Pages on this blog have an average GTmetrix score of Pagespeed 100% and Yslow: 97% to 98%.